Lets get spicy in the bedroom

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Lets get spicy in the bedroom

Let’s face it. No matter how deeply and madly in love you are with your partner, the thrill of a relationship eventually wears off, especially in the bedroom. You’ll say but I still have sex every night.” Be honest, does the sex still send chills down your spine?

Boss-Secretary Role-Play

Anyone who says that the dominant-submissive sexual relationship in Secretary didn’t turn them on is definitely lying. Dress up in a flimsy blouse and a tight-fitting skirt and put on those nerd glasses. Ask your partner to suit-up like an executive. Recreate the office scene with a desk and chair, laptop and other office essentials all around. You are the obedient secretary who is ready to get a little naughty to please the boss. Reverse the roles for the next time!



A criminal is on the run and a cop who has caught her recklessly speeding off the highway is dying to teach her a lesson. The badass criminal wants to be caught because he’s the hottest cop she has seen in her life. Bring those handcuffs to play now and show him what a sexy criminal you are.



The mistresse’s husband is out and will not be home anytime soon. So it’s time for the duo to engage in their secret and dirty rendezvous. The helper loves to go down and dirty on his mistress to show her a thrilling time. Order him around to do things to you that’ll show you a great time. Return the favour but reversing the roles the next time!



You haven’t been feeling well for a couple of days and the only person who can make you feel great is this doctor. He will start by examining your sexy bits because well that’s how it gets better! Oh, and how sexy does he look in that doctor coat and gloves?

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