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Gym and Sex

Every year, a majority of people make fitness their New Year’s Resolution; however, many don’t see it through. As you improve your physical health and become leaner and stronger, you and your partner will be able to enjoy longer and more intense periods of intimacy in the bedroom. So if you are looking to improve your health physically and mentally, here are 8 tips on how exercising can improve your sex life. Taking care of your physical health by exercising consistently and eating well can help you feel leaner, sexier and more confident in the bedroom. Feeling comfortable in your own skin as a result of healthier habits can make you feel more relaxed during intimacy, leading to better sex.

Improves Sexual Performance

Regular physical activity not only reduces the risk of heart disease, depression, and diabetes; it can lead to enhanced arousal between you and your partner. When you work out, the body increases its blood circulation while improving your lung capacity. Not only that, chemicals called endorphins, are released in the brain helping to trigger positive thoughts which can help improve your relationship and orgasm.


Increased Flexibility

Stretching after a workout can help reduce injuries and can help improve your range of movement and recovery after a training session. Focusing on areas such as your lower back, hamstrings, glutes, and hip flexors make for a more pleasurable and adventurous sexual experience giving you and your partner the chance to try more advanced sex positions.


Strengthen Your Body

There are certain workouts that help strengthen and tone different areas of the body. Whether you decide to use free weights to strengthen your upper body or want to use your own body weight to tone your thighs, these exercises can be useful in helping.


Improve Kegels

Kegel exercises makes your pelvis floor muscles stronger which can help increase your sexual arousal, your ability to reach an orgasm as well as increase the blood circulation and lubrication to the vagina. Not only are kegel workouts for women, men can do them as well. From improving thrusts to helping your partner last longer in an upright position, this workout is sure to please.

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